Sunday, 6 December 2015

Poetry ( Troy )

Description: We have been writing poetry, all different types like, limericks, free verse and also Cinqueins. We all had to write a free verse and also a Cinquein for the slide to go with an appropriate picture for the subject of our topic. Here is the slides with all our amazing poems. If you look at my poem it always looks like ?

The syllable numbers are:


All of our Writing:

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you describe your poems really well. I think that you have chosen
Great topics to write about and used language features in your poems.

Evaluation: I think I have done a great job and have used great language features in my Cinqueins to describe the moment or memory.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

3D Printing (James)

Description: Every Thursday we do Inquiry where we chose between 3 teachers that we liked in the taste testers. I chose James. We have been doing 3D printing we have had to challenge ourselves. We used Sketch Up to design and then we used the 3D printer to print out our designs. Here is a image of my finished piece.


Big Idea:

We have been trying to do something that will benefit our school, I am benefiting the school by, showing excellence and creativity, in designing and inventing things. I went out of the box by printing a guitar and my next step is to create some strings for the guitar to make it better.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Questions (This Land We Call Home)

Description: This we in our reading group we have been answering questions about the book and doing fun tasks with our reading buddy here are the tasks we had to do.

Blooms Questions:

Name where the story is based... In California (World War ll)

If you interviewed Paula what would you ask her?... How is it like living in this sort of country?? 

What year is the story based... 1941 in California

What I would place in my box if I was going 
away from home:

- Water
-Cans of Food

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Free Verse Poetry

 Description: We have been learning about Free verse Poetry where you don't have to rhyme or have any amount of lines. I wrote my poem about Christmas. We also had to put some language features in our writing like alliteration, similes and also giving a non living thing a livings things actions. Example:The pillow lay there as if it was asleep.

Big Idea:

Snow falls from the air, 

the gingerbread smell, 

the pine needles from the Christmas tree circling the smell around the room.

 Present rappings and cards, happiness dancing around the street. 

Christmas carols, bells ringing. 

Family’s get together surprises smiles. 

Christmas lights decorations,

Snowmen cold and the fire blazing.

Evaluation: I think I have done very well because I have created a image in 
the readers mind, when I write a free verse poem again I might try and add more language features, like similes and alliteration.


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Agency Wall

Description: This term we are trying to identify our goals and what we need to work on.
First we had to hilight the things we could do in yellow and the things we could not do in pink.
Then we chose what part of the wall we needed to work on. Here are some questions.

I think I am a Self Managing learner because I need to work on some things epesically my goal now because I have only just heard of it and would like to complete it.

The goal that I am currently working on is... Being open to the cognitive wobble

The things I need to do to achieve this goal are... to get into the learning pit where things are hard.

Monday, 26 October 2015


Description: We had to write a letter to the dad in the story. And here is my letter to him telling about the how things are going at home and at school.


At home we are running out of food and money, also last night a barn burnt down, we were hoping it was the school but yeah I am kind of disappointed!! 

Also the Post Office is crazy I could not even fit in the shop so sorry!! I could not post your things you asked for. I will try tomorrow!

When I was at the Lunch bar everyone try's to avoid us, the man would not serve me but everyone started leaving so he served me FINALLY! But that was the last of our cash. He brought some over for us, Mum was so thankful.



Description: We had to answer so we questions we we had read 7 - 8 chapters then some more questions for 8 - 9 chapters. The book we are reading is this land we call home.

7 - 8 Chapters Questions

Paula remains loyal to her friend Ken in spite of the loss of her brother at Pearl Harbour (p. 53) What does this tell you about Paula?

Ken is a great friend of her brothers & Paula is being nice to him because of the loss.

Can you identify with Paula’s feelings when she finds out Grandpa Miller’s threats? 

Worried & anxious about it.

Have you ever felt so angry that you could explode? (P.56) How did you deal with it?

Having to go to bed when they get to stay and watch something 

What feelings did the incident in the food store on page 62 evoke in you? What is your stance (opinion) on the issue of persecution of Japanese families?

9 - 10 Chapters Questions

Do you think people should use the term ‘Jap’ (P.70) Why/Why not?

No because it sounds quite rude and is quite offensive in the past they used to but in World War 11
It started to become more derogatory.

Ken makes an entry in his diary about the government freezing bank accounts of Japanese families so people cannot get money out. (P.72) Why do you think the government froaze the accounts? 

Because they want them gone and know one likes the Japanese being there.

Can this action be justified? Why/why not?

Yes - By being nice to other people and accepting their decisions.

How does the author convey the feelings of Kaz and Ken as the Izumis prepare to leave their home? (pp 76-77)