Sunday, 6 April 2014

The White Horse

                                     The White Horse  

I slide my cold feet out of my bed as I begin to yawn my black short hair 
shimmered in sun as I walked over to the barn to feed my new white horse I was ready to start my journey to the middle of the earth.Then rushed into my bedroom and started to pack just then the phone rang and I rushed to the pantry I grabbed a ham sandwich some biscuits carrots, apples and broccoli. I closed my bag put it on my back we were ready to go. I say gallop and hear my words echo in the distance. As I hear my mum say wait I am alone. She could of seen it in the first place I was being so mysterious!

 I was riding for a little longer when I find a hole look down it and suddenly nose to nose with a gnome. Then there was a clatter and came out of these little holes were 100s of Gomes.
I told them that I was trying to find the middle of the earth then there in my ears I could hear them laughing at me thinking I would never get to the middle of the world. They gave me advice and pulled out a giant shell they said that if you throw this over the back of your shoulder it will help you. So I said" I'll be on my way then by thanks but remember some day the shell will die. I jumped onto my horse and trotted away into the distance.

One day later I woke up to the sound of a low snuffle and a droplet of water hit my nose I looked up to see a lonely fairy I suddenly stopped and stared never seen a real life fairy it was the most amazing thing to see I jumped up and asked the fairy what was wrong she said" A witch has put a spell on me I have no magic nor can I fly." I said I have a shell that will give you good luck throw this over your shoulder and you will become like you were before. "Thank you." said the fairy as I walked away as she fluttered off with her pure white sparkling wings.

Unexpected a flick of lightning struck and I hid in side a burrow snuggling up warm to hear voices. As I peaked through a hole I saw 20 mice gathered around a table with a feast that looked like afternoon tea just a little range of nibbles but no this was dinner to them. Then the mice vanished I was amazed I wonder if I can try to make my self vanish I said what they said" Oco Oco Do." and to my amazement I vanished to where I was heading to the land of dragons.

There was the sight to see fire volcanos and lava this could not be happening I roped up my horse and pulled out my gleaming sword with an Emerald Stripe down the handle. It was about $50 but it was worth it. I started to run with my excitement my horse came after me as I ran it thought it would be fun so I took him with me. We got to the exit about to disappear when I saw a big muscly dragon I hoped he would not eat me up. When you are in front of someone never disappear so I did what he said and sat there. Once he went to get his wife his guards strapped me up on my horse it was very unfortunate. Once I had cut the rope with my sword we were off and just then I heard a voice in my head Grrrrrrrrr! I suspected it to be the king of dragons as I carried on I got kicked off my horse a bit from a fly in his face or he had or a he stepped in a puddle the odd thing and that.

We came closer to rock and hard fiery ground that sparked at us with fierceness in side them. I thought in my head we are definitely coming closer to the middle of the earth because now we started to see a glow from the cracks in the earth by now it was getting cold so I snuck a jersey on and found a cave I decided I would stay there for the night so I did then I felt myself move there right in front of me was a crack in the ground then there were lots of cracks and as I fell a wirl wind came across me as I landed in the middle of the earth I started to take pictures and birds came all colours of the rainbow and made an awesome one 15 colours all the same and all in the right order I was amazed I had an awesome trip and there where I was standing I said”Oco Oco Do.” And I was back home. 

                                             The End                                          By Grace.S


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