Thursday, 24 September 2015

Story Wheel

Description: I choose a story wheel for my tic-tac toe, what I had to do was read an article or a book and illustrate some images through the story telling them in 8 pictures a summary of the story. Here is my picture of the story wheel.

A summary of the story:

This is a quick summary of the story... In the forest was a bird election and they were all fighting against who should be president but then they saw the helicopters and trucks started to appear so they all worked together to stop them and they decided they did not need a president and everyone deserved to be one.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Live Below The Line

Description: This year our family ( The Smith Family ) are doing something to raise money for some
people in countries that are very poor and don't have enough food. We raise for an organization called Oxfam they do work to end poverty around the world. We have to eat on $2.25 for each person for the whole week. We can't have afternoon tea and we have very little lunch and brunch.

A link for our blog this year:


This the link to our blog last year:

This is Oxfam's Website:

Passion Project

Description: Every Thursday we investigate our passion and turn our passion into
a project. This term I have been working with Georgia around agency. We have been working on a
poster about agency. We have had a Talk with Ana's mum (Nicolette.)
I am doing a poster for the seniors that will be more stern and Georgia is doing the Juniors which will be more fun but at the same time telling them to be Agentic.

This is my progress so far:

WALT: Use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion, independently/in small groups.

My passion project is: To make a Poster about Agency so that more people are showing
agency and maybe one day I whole school could become agentic learners.

Big Idea: I am trying to get better at making a poster like, Layout, Colors, Fonts, Text & Visuals like pictures.

Evaluation: I think I have improved my skills on making better posters and more
hooking. Layout & colors I think I have aseptically done well on these things because I would have used lots of pictures and not put my writing in the center where most people read I would have put it all over the place. Nicolette also helped me a lot with my skills. 

FeedBack/FeedForward: I think your progress so far has really improved in your design. I love the design that you have done so far and the detail. Rosalind:)

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

WOW ( World Of Wearable Arts )

Description: WOW started in Nelson 1987 where they started to make wearable arts in 2004 they announced that they were moving to Wellington to make more money. They started to have light, performers (Dancers,) and someone who introduced each category.

Now that they moved BMW have been a sponsorship and now around about 35,000 people come each year for $120 to go. It usually spills over 1 weekend. WOW's 30th anniversary is in 2007.

Video Report Summarize:

Big Idea: We had to video or write a summary about WOW with 
When, Why, What and How.

Evaluation: I think I have done well by summarizing this into a smaller paragraph and have
used the three Ws really well. Next time I could put it into 20 words to summarize this article.

FeedBack/FeedForward:  i think you did a good job one your news because you tell them what and it gives you all the information that they need. I think you might need two work on made be have some photos of the costumes, what they made. Alyssa :)

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Kapa haka Reflection

Description: In Kapa Haka I play the Guitar where I have to play the songs, Nic is the official
player and he is teaching me the songs. In my other post about Kapa Haka I had a goal that I was trying to improve on, here it is.

Goal: I need to work on starting a song and strumming the right rhythm I think I am improving on playing the right chords throughout the songs.


Evaluation: This year I think I have completed one part of my goal because I have
put some effort into practicing and can get the strum right, now I just have to work on getting
the chords right and sounding good.

New Goal: For next term I would like to be able to play at least one song by the end of next term.

FeedBack/FeedForward: You are doing a great job at learning to be the guitar player. You just need to work on strumming louder. Ana :D

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Troy A Maths

Description: This Term we have been learning to PLAT, R/C, PVP, D/H. We have to work out these
questions, Production Maths. Here are the questions on what we had to figure out. Also here is my
working out of the questions and me explaining them to you.



Big Idea:

We have been learning to use the most effective strategy to work out
the question we are trying to solve. It has to be fast and easy. Here is the questions I completed
with these strategies.


Evaluation: Next time I think I would like to work on Place Value & Partitioning.
I think over the terms I have been getting better at Known Knowledge.
been getting better at working with my know knowledge