Tuesday, 8 September 2015

WOW ( World Of Wearable Arts )

Description: WOW started in Nelson 1987 where they started to make wearable arts in 2004 they announced that they were moving to Wellington to make more money. They started to have light, performers (Dancers,) and someone who introduced each category.

Now that they moved BMW have been a sponsorship and now around about 35,000 people come each year for $120 to go. It usually spills over 1 weekend. WOW's 30th anniversary is in 2007.

Video Report Summarize:

Big Idea: We had to video or write a summary about WOW with 
When, Why, What and How.

Evaluation: I think I have done well by summarizing this into a smaller paragraph and have
used the three Ws really well. Next time I could put it into 20 words to summarize this article.

FeedBack/FeedForward:  i think you did a good job one your news because you tell them what and it gives you all the information that they need. I think you might need two work on made be have some photos of the costumes, what they made. Alyssa :)

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