Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Passion Project

Description: Every Thursday we investigate our passion and turn our passion into
a project. This term I have been working with Georgia around agency. We have been working on a
poster about agency. We have had a Talk with Ana's mum (Nicolette.)
I am doing a poster for the seniors that will be more stern and Georgia is doing the Juniors which will be more fun but at the same time telling them to be Agentic.

This is my progress so far:

WALT: Use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion, independently/in small groups.

My passion project is: To make a Poster about Agency so that more people are showing
agency and maybe one day I whole school could become agentic learners.

Big Idea: I am trying to get better at making a poster like, Layout, Colors, Fonts, Text & Visuals like pictures.

Evaluation: I think I have improved my skills on making better posters and more
hooking. Layout & colors I think I have aseptically done well on these things because I would have used lots of pictures and not put my writing in the center where most people read I would have put it all over the place. Nicolette also helped me a lot with my skills. 

FeedBack/FeedForward: I think your progress so far has really improved in your design. I love the design that you have done so far and the detail. Rosalind:)

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  1. I hope you keep your passion going and keep playing with layout ideas as you talk more to Nicolette. You have a very important message for all learners at RSS! You have been able to follow the PASSION inquiry process and apply what you have learnt to your poster. Great work. Don't forget to check the spelling in your blog post.