Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Two Stars and a Wish

Purpose: Reflect on your year so far.

We have been making a goal and saying 2 susess and 1 wish here is an image showing my success and wish.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stuck Video

Description: We think that we can relate the message in this movie to our learning...Its like being stuck in our learning, we need to ask for help and we need to look for ways to solve the problem ourselves. We thought it would be fun to make our own movie to get this message across. We had 2 groups of criteria for our movie...

Criteria: (Content)
  1. Video - 30 seconds long, time is limited.
  2. Scenario - Show someone being stuck and not using the ability to act.
  3. Clear Message - Short sharp clip. Can the watcher get the point of your video?
  4. Unique - Coming up with something funny that gets a laugh from others.
  5. Time Passing - Do you need to show time passing in your clip to emphasise your message.

Criteria: (Movie)
  1. Light - Make sure the sun isn’t creating a hard to see clip.
  2. Voice Volume - Needs to be louder than other background volume eg Noise, Kids.
  3. Frame - What’s in the frame to make your message obvious.
  4. Steady Hands - Make sure the camera is still.
Individual Clips - Don’t do one continuous shot of 30 seconds. Make a range of short clips and join together.

I love your video! I really like the way you used time lapse to show katie waiting! I  also liked the way you use voice over so that I could hear your voices! Next time I think you could maybe zoom in a bit closer so that I could see your faces clearly! Good Job! Hannah 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Swimming Goal


This term we have started swimming again. We made our video to show our skills in the pool. We looked back at our video and observed what we could get better at. Then we made a goal.

My Goal:

 I have looked back at my videos and seen what I need to improve on I think that I need to
make my arms bigger when I do breastroke by stretching them out more, I want to complete this goal before swimming sports starts.


Evaluation 4 weeks later:

I have improved on my swimming by going faster. I have looked
back at my video and can clearly see that I am going faster
in my swimming. I did complete my Goal in the time I set myself I am very

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Knowledge Maths Test

Description: Some of us have done 2 tests, Stage 4 and Stage 5 I did both tests. The next day we went with a buddy and highlighted the things we proved that we could do with an yellow highlighter, then we highlighted the titles of the maths sections that we had to work on, we highlighted those pink.

Purpose: To work out your maths goal.

My Goal: Is to complete the pattern. I would like to finish this goal before the end of the month, I will try and do this by practicing a lot and asking other people to quick fire questions at me. I will know when I have completed the goal, when I can get the answers in 3 seconds.

Stage 4:

 Stage 5:

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Looking Back

In class we have been doing writing about our journey to where we are now, about the memories and funny bits that we had along the way.

Purpose: To share memories from my childhood

Remember when me Rosalind and Katie the leaves off a tree at kindy? I can even remember the tastes of them, juicy and sour.

Remember going Red, reading "Only 1 Me?" My favourite poem at the time.
I enjoyed it.

Remember me and Rocket orienteering and eating ice-cream? Rocket had banana and I had chocolate. That was fun.

Remember seed 2 Table? Chopping up vegetables and potatoes.

                        That was me growing up.