Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Troy A Maths

Description: This Term we have been learning to PLAT, R/C, PVP, D/H. We have to work out these
questions, Production Maths. Here are the questions on what we had to figure out. Also here is my
working out of the questions and me explaining them to you.



Big Idea:

We have been learning to use the most effective strategy to work out
the question we are trying to solve. It has to be fast and easy. Here is the questions I completed
with these strategies.


Evaluation: Next time I think I would like to work on Place Value & Partitioning.
I think over the terms I have been getting better at Known Knowledge.
been getting better at working with my know knowledge

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  1. Grace, I can see that you have worked really hard to complete these problems using two different strategies. You have briefly explained what you did at each question too. Well done on a great post!