Monday, 24 August 2015


Description: We do Writing every Monday and Thursday I am working on Ideas with Rebecca
and my goal is I know the purpose of my writing. This is my piece of writing about this picture down below. Here is also my planning before I wrote my story.

My Plan:

Story/Big Idea: There is always a Beginning Middle & End in a any story my goal is to entertain so
I wrote a narrative. The clues I put in were... This morning I absolutely had to sharpen my claws. The clue is why didn't Luna just go to the cardboard to get the treats. She sharpened her claws before hand.

Evaluation: I think I have improved on my Ideas and Organized them well by fitting them all in
I think I have improved on a lot of things and I think I could work on using only the words I actually need. I think I also need to work on putting more than 1 clue into my writing.

FeedBack/FeedForward: I think you have very good words in your story but some of the spacing is not right but i really like your story! Katie :)

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  1. Grace, I love that your story goes full circle! I can almost feel the desperation at the end. I think you chose a great way to present your story in a way that would entertain and engage your audience by using descriptive words, organising your text well, and starting to leave clues that will encourage the reader to predict what might happen more and want to read on! Make sure you check your formatting when you present your writing, and I agree that it would be a great idea to focus on leaving more clues in future writing as this is a tool amazing writers use!