Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Visualization Writing

Date: 29th of April 2015

Purpose:  To write a piece of writing that has a picture you are trying to
create with enough describing in your writing to create a picture in the readers head.

A flutter of blossoms with the warm spring air a breeze of hazelnut seeds
with oak colored twigs, break off and blow away in the wind. A orange and shiny black creature approaches a twig breathing in the wonderful blossom smell. Cherry erupts the garden with beautiful flowers, blooming in the warm afternoon sun.

Children prance around the garden with delight, the grass with clear dew drops drying out in the warming sun.

PLUCK! An apple off the tree and CRUNCH! the juice pours out, with a splash, the juice soaked into the dirt, they start giggling and laughing as it drips down their chins onto their tops.

By Grace.S.

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