Monday, 23 March 2015

Story Telling

Description: Oral storytelling is a Maori tradition. We have been planning our own story to tell on the Marae in Week 7.

Purpose: create a story to share orally

Evalution: I think one thing I have done well is planning. For next time I think I need to work on my confidence. another thing for next time I need to work on is crowd participation.   

FeedBack/Feedforward: I think that you did a grand job telling you story. The message behind the story was very clear to me. Next time you could work on having some facial expressions.

Georgia.T :) 


  1. Thank you for your honest evaluation Grace. It is difficult to be confident in a new situation isn't it? How could you include the audience more?

    1. Thanks Elly for the comment, I think I could use more participation by when she is going to the shops I could say walk with me.