Thursday, 26 March 2015


We have been learning about transformation.  We have specifically learnt that...

  • translation is when an object slides in any direction;
  • rotation is when an object is turned around a central point;
  • reflection is when an object is flipped and has a line of symmetry.

Our challenge was to design a car badge that contained at least one of these aspects of transformation.   


Big Idea:

FeedBack/FeedFoward: I think you did well on your badge because I gave you the idea :) and it really explains your personality.. You like cats ( and animals too ) but I have to say that the cats mouth curves
are uneven. If you had a bit more time you could of done a bit more NEAT colouring. Otherwise it's amazing! 
Olivia B :)

The thing I would do next time is to make sure their are no mosquito bites ( that means colour so there are non coloured bits) and to make the g shaped eyes exactly the same. The thing I think I did well was representing my self and the letter of my name.

1 comment:

  1. I just love your car badge Grace! I love the way that at first look, it is a picture of a cat, but when you look closer you see the g's! Cool! You have thought carefully when completing your evaluation...great!