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Description: We had to answer so we questions we we had read 7 - 8 chapters then some more questions for 8 - 9 chapters. The book we are reading is this land we call home.

7 - 8 Chapters Questions

Paula remains loyal to her friend Ken in spite of the loss of her brother at Pearl Harbour (p. 53) What does this tell you about Paula?

Ken is a great friend of her brothers & Paula is being nice to him because of the loss.

Can you identify with Paula’s feelings when she finds out Grandpa Miller’s threats? 

Worried & anxious about it.

Have you ever felt so angry that you could explode? (P.56) How did you deal with it?

Having to go to bed when they get to stay and watch something 

What feelings did the incident in the food store on page 62 evoke in you? What is your stance (opinion) on the issue of persecution of Japanese families?

9 - 10 Chapters Questions

Do you think people should use the term ‘Jap’ (P.70) Why/Why not?

No because it sounds quite rude and is quite offensive in the past they used to but in World War 11
It started to become more derogatory.

Ken makes an entry in his diary about the government freezing bank accounts of Japanese families so people cannot get money out. (P.72) Why do you think the government froaze the accounts? 

Because they want them gone and know one likes the Japanese being there.

Can this action be justified? Why/why not?

Yes - By being nice to other people and accepting their decisions.

How does the author convey the feelings of Kaz and Ken as the Izumis prepare to leave their home? (pp 76-77)

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