Monday, 12 October 2015

This Land We Calł Home

Assess the cover the blurb and the title.
What made you choose this book?  
What appeals to you?  
What hooked you in?
Make some predictions about the story.  When and where do you think the story is set?  What do you think is going to happen?  Why?


1. The front cover made me curious to find what was happening in this image, with the 2
    seasons Autum & Spring. Also the title hooked me in because I wanted to know what land was it? Also what was the barb wire why? would there be barb wire there.

2. What appeals to me is the blossom tree and the title on the front, I also would like to read a author's book that I don't know about.

3. What hooked me in was... Reading the blurb hooked me in because I would like to read a book in a different decade.

4. My predictions are... That Ken's family are in the end going to be one of the important family's in their country!

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