Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Conjunctions Writing

Description: In writing with Elly we have been learning to use conjunctions more in our 
writing here is a piece of writing that I have written to show conjunction. The ones that
are highlighted yellow are the conjunctions I have used in my writing

As I look out the foggy window, I see santa claus run across a snowy thick roof
puff! Flakes of snow (shaped as snowflakes) drift and swirl around santa, he rises up
and lands on the floor of an old cottage, but the first thing santa spots is the mince pie and a nice big glass of orange juice. Santa makes such a loud gobbling noise that a little girl around about 6, skips into the room. She has orange hair and a few freckles placed neatly on her cheeks.

She spies santa dressed up in a red and white uniform. SANTA! She yells, she freezes then faints. Luckily santa has a present for her that is a doctor's kit. he quickly pours some fright medicine in her mouth and she awakes immediately.

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