Sunday, 10 May 2015

Party Pool Pups

I did a task on the tic tac toe about some party pool pups were you could bring your
pup along to the pool. But your dog had to have had it's vaccinations and that it
was friendly. It was run by a Pet food company called (Purina.) They raised $2,000.

Here is a link to the article - Pool Pups

Here is the questions I had to answer about the article

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? The main group of people were a Pet food company (Purina.)

2. What was the key event from the news article? The Key event was a Dog Pool Party.

3. Where did this event take place? The event was set in Auckland.

4. When did this event take place? The event took place on the 6th of May 2015.

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