Monday, 15 June 2015


Description: In writing we have chosen a writing goal to work on my goal is to use connectives usefully and not use them to much. Connectives are when you connect two sentences together. We have written a story from a picture and written a story to describe the picture and tell them what our imaginations are thinking of before and after the picture here is my story.

                                                  My Planning for my Story


   Evaluation: I think I need to work on using connectives more often and using them when I can something I have done well was using speech marks in the right places. I also think I am improving on showing the reader the characters feelings not telling them. 

 FeedBack/Forward: Wow Grace! You are a amazing writer. I wish  I was as good has you. I recon you will be a famous author just like Lauren Child . My favorite sentence was when Zone said ' Hel-lo' Keep up the good work!
Sophie W

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