Thursday, 11 September 2014

Writing Sample

WALT:  Entertain

My writing goal this term was use a variety of simple, complex, and compound sentences

I have used a variety of simple, complex and compound sentences to build interest and suspense.

I have organised and sequenced my ideas into paragraphs for purpose and effect.

TASK: craft a free-choice piece of writing that shows how I am developing my goal

First Piece:

Focus Piece:

How has your writing has improved this term? Yes because Suzanne has taught me that I can't tell the reader you describe to the reader and I think I have improved that.

The part of my story I am most proud of is paragraph... I think I have made the reader build more suspense because I have used lots of words like suddenly, just then I heard.

Next time, what is a goal you can work towards? My goal for next time is to create more imaginary I will do that by using more similes and rich language.

Feedback/Feedforward: I really like the way you have made me want to read more so I knew were she was. You have some very cool similes and fit into the sentences. There were a couple of words that were mentioned a few times in some of your sentences. Like realised. 

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  1. Hi Grace - you can clearly see the recrafting that has gone into the beginning of your focus piece. You have carefully chosen vocabulary and sentences structures to support the image you wanted to create. Please continue this same attention to the rest of the piece to keep your reader hooked. You will need to demonstrate a variety of complex, compound and simple sentences and check for spelling, full stops and capital letters.