Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Weet bix Triatlon

W.A.L.T: Strive for excellents!
Yesterday we did the Weetbix Triathlon at  ongley park me and Amy came tie in our year group. I think that it was an aboulustly awesome day and then at prize giving I was so close getting the tablet I-Pad but then at the end it changed the last number which was really unfortunate. It was really challenging because I did not have a colorful thing that showed where my bike was so it was really hard to find I had to get an helper of TWBT to show me where it was so. Then I found my bike and I was off and away. At the end when we were coming through the finish line I got I a gold medal.

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  1. Congratulations Grace. It is awesome that you challenged yourself and had a great time as well. I would imaging it would be hard to find your bike when there is a sea of them! I think next time you will have this sorted. Well done on your achievement.