Monday, 2 June 2014


                               W.A.L.T: Rote learn
  What I learnt: I learnt that mnemonics can be fun as well as challenging they can really                                                                            help you with your learing the way I made the letters bold.

I think I did really well and met to the standerd.

Feed Back:
I think you did a great job and you did a great mnemonic. It is good that you actually made the mnemonic make sense and that you had great detail in your visual picture. Rosalind :) 
Feed Foward:
I think you need to work on making it a bigger word so that it can be more challenging for you. Rosalind :)

Evauluation: I think that I have made my mnemonics make sense and they help me with my learning.
I think I have done very well and have completed it.

1 comment:

  1. What a great mnemonic Grace! You have certainly made a catchy, easy-to-remember phrase. Did you make anymore? We would love to see the others too! (We asked for 5 in the criteria.)